Vanessa Wang

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Future plans: In the future, my goal is to do some sort of design work, especially with new innovations and machines. If at all possible, I would like to work in designing medical equipment or things that would improve the environment and peoples quality of life. I don’t have a clear-cut goal but in a general sense, design is what I would like to do. The reason I would like to do some level of design work is that I think for one it would be an exciting career path with never-ending possibility. Also, there is a lot of potential to help others in the process, which I think is very important.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: To just do the homework and go to the help room for one to two hours total in a week to get your homework done. This is because homework problems especially post class is very useful in understanding concepts. It may also be helpful to do your post-class homework before class, it may sound counterintuitive, but it really helps your understanding to have someone on one help with certain concepts. For me at least it cleared up some confusion and helped me better learn some of the material in class.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? To really talk with LA’s before an exam or for homework concepts, this is because they have taken the class before and they have a lot of insight on how to do well. Also, maybe go to more than one LA if you are having trouble understanding a concept. Some LAs will have ways of thinking that may be closer to your way of thinking.

Fun fact about me I love to draw and am a very visual learner. I also love music, I enjoy almost all music but these days I usually listen to Lo-fi music and kpop.

Help room hours 6-7pm Monday

Max Herzog

Major: My major is mechanical engineering with an aerospace concentration.

Future plans: As of right now, I am currently considering grad school because I am interested in working in the research and design aspects of engineering. My dream job is to work at an aerospace corporation like SpaceX or a bicycle manufacturer like Specialized or Cannondale.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: In order to be really successful in this class, you need to focus on learning the concepts presented to you inside and out. I can guarantee that learning how different equations are derived and why/how they work together will allow you to succeed both in this class and whatever classes you may take after this one.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? First and foremost, the help room is a fantastic resource to come and ask any questions that you may have. If you are still confused after going to the help room and reading the online notes, I highly recommend looking online for other physics resources. The physics concepts we teach are not specific to this class or this university. There is a plethora of online resources out there that go over the material we cover in class that you may find more helpful to your learning style. I personally find YouTube videos very helpful when I am trying to learn more about a topic.

Fun fact about me When I am not studying or doing homework, I love to spend time listening to and making music. I play the saxophone, guitar, bass guitar, and am currently learning the banjo. I play the alto saxophone in the Spartan Marching Band, bass in Spartan Brass, and over the summer I play bass in a jazz band with my friends.

Help room hours None

Natalie Schlesinger

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Future plans: I plan on graduating in 2020 and working right out of college. This summer I am working for Ford Motor Company and in the future, I would love to work in the industry where I can use my creativity and skills to create a product that will make the lives of people better.

Advice on how to approach P-Cubed: My advice for incoming students is to not be afraid to make mistakes and ask for help. This class can be challenging at times and is different from classes you might have previously taken, so make sure to tackle it with a positive attitude and ready to learn from your setbacks.

What do you recommend doing if you are struggling in class? For someone who is struggling in the class, I would recommend really taking the time to thoughtfully look at your homework. Don’t rush through each question just to get it done. As you’re working on the weekly problems, take the time to focus on the main concepts and equations of each and try hard not to look it up on chegg or ask another person until you really tried to do it on your own.

Fun fact about me I am obsessed with anything Disney and have gone to Disney World/Land 6 times in the last three years. My dream job would be to become an Imagineer and help design new rides for the Disney World parks.

Help room hours 3-4pm Friday

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