The Black Widow is caught in a trap and is sliding down an oil-slicked incline of angle 32 degrees. Ant-Man while engaging in combat with Kang the Conqueror throws a spring of k = 320 N/m that he enlarges as it is thrown and it lands at the bottom of the incline and becomes 8m long. The Black Widow needs to know how far away from the spring she is so she can figure how fast she needs to hit it in order to escape the incline of 25m length. Iron Man estimates that if she hits the spring from her current height with no initial velocity she will compress it by .148 meters. How far away from the spring is The Black Widow and what speed does she need to be moving at initially to get off the incline?

Make sure to indicate what your system is and to draw energy bar charts for the different parts of The Black Widows journey.

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