Thus far in this course, we have considered the electric and magnetic fields completely separately, either only looking at the effects of an electric field by itself or a magnetic field by itself. However, there are many real-world contexts where a charge may be moving in a magnetic field and also near other charges. This means the charge would feel both an electric force and a magnetic force. Through Newton's second law ($\vec{F}_{net}=\vec{F}_1+\vec{F}_2+…), we can think about how the combination of these forces affects individual charges. Using the magnetic and electric force is one way that we can think about combining electric and magnetic fields. Note that this is not a direct relationship between electric field and magnetic field, but rather relies on using force. The notes this week are going to focus on a more fundamental (and direct) relationship between electric and magnetic fields, which hinges on a changing magnetic field rather than a constant magnetic field. So the real question is:

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